Dr. Alvarez is an outstanding professional in the field of Dentistry. Dr. Alvarez and his staff adhere to a standard of excellence that I have not found in any other dental practice. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Alvarez over 10 years ago. I came to Dr. Alvarez with significant dental problems; I had an unsuccessful implant and ill fitting bridge. Dr. Alvarez was professional and thorough in his dental diagnosis. I required several dental procedures, including implants, periodontal surgery, root canals, and crowns… every procedure Dr. Alvarez performed was successful. Dr. Alvarez is responsible for greatly enhancing the quality of my life through proper dental care. I encourage you to experience dentistry performed by a true professional, Dr. Alvarez, an individual with integrity and an ethical standard that is truly admirable. My recommendation gives me the opportunity to thank Dr. Alvarez, for his extraordinary dedication to dental care.

Judy Rosenberg

Dr. Jose J. Alvarez has been my dentist for over 13 years. He has reconstructed my entire mouth which includes, among other specialties, a sinus lift, gum surgery, root canals, and implants. Having had much dental work in the past, I can recognize true excellence. Dr. Alvarez is schooled and experienced in all phases of dentistry. Never had I the necessity to go for outside consultations, or be treated by another specialist. My cousin, Doctor Barrow Marks, a well known dentist in NY, has praised the technical work as well as the cosmetic results.

The office staff has always been supportive and professional. It's a great feeling knowing that I have a skilled dentist I can always trust and respect.

Betsy Graber

Dr. Jose Alvarez has dramatically improved my dental condition, not just by the incredible way my smile looks but also in my dental health. Thanks to Dr. Alvarez I have learned how to keep good dental health and learn the importance of it.

Carlos Evora

Since the 1st time I saw Dr. Alvarez, I realized he was a dentist that cares for his patients. Dr. Alvarez has performed dental surgery on me with exceptional results. Throughout the years I have developed great confidence and trust in Dr. Alvarez and his staff.

Anthony Pries

I had suffered from gum disease and troubling teeth for almost all of my life. Dr. Alvarez showed me the reasons why this was happening, he showed me how to treat and keep a healthy mouth. For the past 12 years, since Dr. Alvarez restored my mouth with dental implants and crowns, I have a beautiful and healthy smile that I enjoy each and every day.

Nola Castellano

Dr. Alvarez and staff have treated my family and I like no other dentist, with gentle and dedicated care. My results were beyond expectations!

Ricky Gil