Meet Dr. Alvarez

About Jose J. Alvarez, DMD

Dr. Jose J. Alvarez is a Miami, Florida Dentist who has trained with the world's most prominent Implantologists. In addition, Dr. Alvarez is an award-winning graduate from The University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, where he received his DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) degree in 1994. As part of his post-graduate training Dr. Alvarez graduated from his Hospital Residency Program at Albert Einstein Medical in Philadelphia, PA, and later from the Misch Implant Institute, one of the world's most advanced training centers in dental implantology.

At the Misch Implant Institute, Dr. Alvarez studied advanced surgical techniques necessary to rehabilitate numerous types of complex cases in partial or total loss of permanent teeth. Dr. Alvarez became a fellow of the Misch Implant Institute, and in 2000 became an Implant Diplomate from the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists), one of the world's most respected dental Implant associations. Originally trained by The University of Pennsylvania in the CEREC System, Dr. Alvarez is one of South Florida pioneers in the CEREC (computerized ceramic restoration) technology. Dr. Alvarez has successfully performed hundreds of CEREC restorations since 1994, before they became well-known in the dental community.

Dr. Alvarez has 22 years of professional experience  in  bone and gum tissue grafting/regeneration techniques and the implant  replacement of missing teeth, combined with functional and cosmetic rehabilitation.

“My goal is to always strive for perfection. I am only satisfied when I achieve excellence. My staff and I believe it is essential to listen to the patients and understand their needs and desires. We work to educate all  our  patients  so that  they  can  take an active  roll in their treatment. Together as a team, we can accomplish the smile they desire. Maintaining our patient's dental health is our commitment. We “Unconditionally" do our very best to always provide the finest of care while maintaining sound ethics and integrity”.

Dr. Alvarez is dedicated to the continuing mastery of his art and complete satisfaction of his patients. Committed to provide the best that modern dentistry has to offer, with personalized care for each of our patients.